The Flake Law Firm reflects founder Andrew Flake’s strong professional ethic and vision of an organization singularly focused on creative problem-solving and world-class advocacy. Recognized by “Best Law Firms” as a Tier 1 Firm in the area of commercial litigation, our approach is to be trial-ready from the beginning, finding the compelling story in every dispute, and giving each client a professional and powerful voice in the courtroom. We work hard and deliver results, staying laser focused on winning, as defined by our client, whether resolving a difficult matter quickly and before it escalates, or getting a matter to trial and delivering a verdict. 

An approach to staffing and billing that works for you.

State of the art technology, careful attention to the client’s objectives, and data-driven budgeting allow The Flake Law Firm to make litigation a cost-effective experience for every client. We staff with an eye to efficiency and a target-lock on winning.

Our billing is aligned with you, our client. While we do offer hourly billing, we also offer a variety of other fee arrangements, depending on the particular needs of each matter, including contingency, fixed and subscription fee, success-based fees, and other specialized arrangements. In all cases, we hold ourselves accountable, to our client’s needs and our own high standards, with regular, transparent, and technology-enabled financial reporting on matters.